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Side Widget Ad
200 pixels x 300 pixels(max)
Opens List

Our dynamic website side widget is a great way to attract attention to your 'Call to Artists' or art related product or service. Upload your own image 200px wide by 400px (Max) high or we will design one for you. The widget is always prominent on all the free areas of the site, and continuously scrolls from one advert to another catching artists eye every 10 seconds. We only ever show 5 ads at a time so you are sure to be seen within the first 50 seconds of a users visit.


Header Banner Ad
728 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall
Opens List

The header banner is our maximum exposure option, a permanent position in the header of all our public pages, available for up to six weeks and must be booked in advance. We only accept quality open or juried calls or specific services which we believe will help artists in the development of their artistic practice.


Newsletter sponsorship

We don't place adverts on our newsletters or in the private areas of our site, partly to avoid being considered as spam and because we believe the personal inbox and logged in areas should be kept personal. However we do encourage sponsorship that helps us to grow our worldwide artist audience and will aid our artists professional development. We are currently looking for sponsors who are interested in advocating the arts and will carefully position logos and links to your own website on several key pages and email marketing campaigns.


Website Statistics and potential reach.

Since the launch of The OLIST in September 2015 we have already gained over registered artists who regularily enter Open Exhibitions. Each artist will receive The OLIST newsletter once a month and also receive 7 day and 48 hour reminders of our Featured Listings, which will bring them back to the main home page of The OLIST.

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